3 Awesome Alternatives to a Traditional Veil

3 Awesome Alternatives to a Traditional Veil

Are you looking for something to finish off your wedding day look but wanting something a little less traditional than a veil? I got you.

The 'Lucille' Skirt

Made of lightweight tulle fabric so you can still see your outfit underneath, it works well with a gown, trousers, or jumpsuit. The Lucille can be made in any fabric or colour, and you can even have embellishment added.

It fastens around the waist with a hook and eye clasp, made to measure (to order)  for each bride.

The 'Harlow' Cape

This style is perfect if you have a backless gown or halter neck. The Harlow edging detail can be changed to suit your gown and it's so easy to slip on and off if you're planning a little outfit change during the day.

Again, this style can look great with a gown, or a suit or jumpsuit.

The 'Ava' Cape

The Ava is fully customisable- choose tulles and trims to suit your wedding day look. Attaches on the shoulders with (gentle to your dress) clips, so can be removed in seconds to allow you to change up your look whenever you like.



If you'd like to know more about any of these styles, or having a custom piece made you can get in touch here.

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